Now's the Time

We have designed the perfect week-long tour to Paris for you – the one you have always dreamed about. Now is the time to treat yourself. There are only two weeks left to sign up for the Early Bird special for our Papa’s Paris Tour set for June 17-25, 2017.

Meanwhile, let me remind you why now is your time to pursue your dream of traveling to Paris…

La Rotonde café  in the heart of Montparnasse

La Rotonde café in the heart of Montparnasse

●      Now is the time to travel. You’re healthy, you’re still young, your schedule is as free as it’ll ever be. Your kids are finally out of the house so you better spend some of that money before they come back asking for more!

●      Refresh your mind and spirit. We all need a break from the endless responsibilities and routine habits of our daily lives. Travel is the perfect way to rise above the mundane, to seek out wonder and beauty in a new place, and to rekindle inspiration and joy within yourself.

●      Travel is more fun in the company of friends. Travellati curates a small group of like-minded travelers who enjoy having a good time, don’t take themselves too seriously and are open-minded and curious about life. We’re a fun group of folks to go on an adventure with through Paris.

A group of friends out for a stroll in 1920s Paris.

A group of friends out for a stroll in 1920s Paris.

●      All fun, no hassle. Traveling can be exhausting and infuriating when you spend hours waiting in line for a museum ticket, stumble into a tourist trap of a restaurant, and end up riding the crowded metro the wrong way. We take away all that stress from the trip with our carefully planned tour where every detail is taken care of in advance.

●      Celebrate the nostalgia of Paris. Travellati Tours is unique in that we journey back to the literary and cultural heyday of the American expat community in Paris with interactive encounters with the "Fitzgeralds," "Hemingway" and “Gertrude Stein.” Our actors, musicians, and dancers will delight you with a little humor and whimsy from the past not unlike the delightful fantasy of Woody Allen’s fabulous film, Midnight in Paris.

The Dome café  in Montparnasse in Paris in the 1920s.

The Dome café in Montparnasse in Paris in the 1920s.

●       Paris is unlike any other city on earth. The only way to experience it is through your five senses. Aroma is just one of those senses you will re-awaken in Paris. A lingering perfume, the cultivated gardens, the food. Tradition has woven the taste and smell of delectable food into the daily routine of the Parisian. Flakes of buttery croissant in the morning alongside a warm bowl of café au lait; a slow rôtisserie at mid-day of duck and rabbit dripping juices at the corner boucherie; the bouquet of the evening apéritif with friends; ending the dinner with the ripe and creamy, firm and tangy delights of a dozen cheeses.     

A boulangerie with its delectable array of fresh breads, warm from the oven.

Come away with us to Paris for the adventure of your lifetime. Book your ticket now for a generous discount on our Papa’s Paris Tour.  

Now’s the time.