The Examiner, February 21, 2017

Travel was at one time a necessary facet of Elizabeth Kemble’s profession. Now it’s her passion and something she has successfully turned into a growing business.

“This had been on my mind for at least five years or so,” Kemble said of Travellati Tours, the company she started in 2015 that organizes themed interactive travel tours to Paris and Berlin.

To provide her customers with a more personal travel experience as opposed to taking them on run-of-the-mill sightseeing tours, Kemble believed she could provide more intrigue in the form of literary travel journeys.

Watching the romantic comedy “Midnight in Paris” for the third time gave Kemble the inspiration for “Papa’s Paris Tour.”

“A light bulb went off,” said Kemble, who was born in France and moved with her family to Cincinnati and later to New Jersey as a child. “I wanted to go back in time.”

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